Alternator Service Near Tulsa, OK

Does your vehicle’s alternator need servicing? Is your car having trouble starting? Your expert service team at Jim Norton T-town Chevrolet in Tulsa, OK is available to test and service your car, truck or SUV’s alternator so you don’t have to. We’ll diagnose any problems and make any recommendations to ensure your alternator is working correctly so you can be confident you’re driving around safely without worry.

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Your Vehicle’s Alternator

Your vehicle’s alternator and battery work together, so it’s common to misdiagnose the problem and check and replace the battery instead of the alternator. Batteries typically get all the credit for maintaining a charge and running the electricity for your vehicle. The truth is, your alternator is the workhorse and generator for your vehicle making sure your headlights, air conditioning, and heat systems, and even your battery are working for you!

Common Alternator Issues

There are a few common red flags that are telling you your alternator is bad or on the way out. These warning signs are to bring it to your attention to get your alternator checked or replaced by a certified technician.

  • Battery indicator light - Your vehicle’s way of telling you there’s an issue with the charging system
  • Battery doesn’t ‘turn over’ - Car doesn’t start anymore
  • Headlights are running dimmer - lower than bright lights

Stop by Jim Norton T-town Chevrolet

At Jim Norton T-town Chevrolet, your local Chevrolet dealership near me, we have the experience and skills to check out your vehicle’s alternator and send you on your way. We will ensure everything is running smoothly and will let you know what the issue is.

Stop by our Service Center at Jim Norton T-town Chevrolet in Tulsa, OK at 8130 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74129, or give us a call anytime at (918) 600-0919 to schedule a service appointment for all your vehicle’s service needs including alternator service, oil changes, battery replacements, new tires, and more.

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